Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival-26th-29th March 2020

bristol jazz and blues festival

Bristol International Jazz and Blues Festival- an unforgettable journey of culture, fun & entertainment.

Jazz is upon us, Bristol is going to be rocked again by top-notch jazz maestros from 26th March to 29th March.  The awe-inspiring event is going to be organised for the eighth time assembled with spectacular gigs at St George’s, Bristol Folk House, Fiddlers, O2 Academy, Bambalan.

There will also be a fantastic number of workshops held at Bristol Folk House, free stages at Bambalan and Colston Hall and films at the Watershed. The finest performers from all over Europe, the USA and the UK will be there to celebrate music. Below are some of the highlights of this spectacular.

Saxophone Legend Pee-wee Elis show


Saxophonist Pee Wee Ellis was the engineer of James Brown’s time characterising soul works of art of the late ’60s, presenting the dynamic game plans and rebuffing rhythms that would characterise the developing language of funk.  This great musician will rock the stage in Bristol by playing the Blues.  This event will also promote his own selection of archetypal compositions along with a group of performers.

Concert Info: Date and Time: 27th March, 9.30 pm – Venue: St Georges – Tickets:  £26, £22, £18 + bf – Genres: Blues

Ronnie Scott’s All-Stars plus UWE Big Band

bristol jazz and blues festival



Real dashing duos are on their way to Bristol for blowing your mind with mesmerisation.  Both Ronnie Scott’s All-Stars and Bristol’s very own UWE (University of West England) Big Band are all set to make this festival a memorable one with their charming performances.  Both the bands will jointly present some of the best Jazz tracks you have ever heard or seen.  Don’t sit idle,  get your tickets now!

Concert Info: Date and Time: 26th March, 8 pm – Venue: 1532 Theatre – Tickets: £20, £15, £10 + bf – Genres: Big Band

Paul Jones Big Band Blues Bash

bristol jazz and blues festival

Set yourself up for the splendid show of legendary singer, actor, television presenter Paul Jones.  He will be performing for The Blues Band once again backed by the powerhouse stage artists of his own selection. Being a doctor of music (University of Portsmouth), his songs have been recorded by a varied bunch, including early Steppenwolf and Helen Shapiro.

Concert Info: Date and Time: 26th March, 8 pm – Venue: St Georges – Tickets £26, £22, £18 + bf – Genres: Blues, Big Band

The James Bond Concert

bristol jazz and blues festival

Get yourself ready for the jaw-dropping performance of renowned international conductor and music revolutionary Charles Hazlewood at O2 Academy.  He will be batoning guest vocalists along with a group of 30 handpicked all-star orchestra.  From “Dr. No”(1962) from “Spectre”(2015), all the emblematic tracks of James Bond will be performed to bethink your favourite era of Bond!

Concert Info: Date & Time: 27th March, 8pm – Venue: O2 Academy – Tickets: £25.50, £28.75 – Genres: Big Band, Pop, Special Events

A Bristol Sound

The magnificent WDC (Worm Disco Club) is extremely glad to share what’s potentially the best news yet!  ‘Worm Disks’ will be propelled in 2020 with the mission of giving new, contemporary acts from around the UK. They are glad to declare that at the Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival 2020, WDC is tossing a ‘Worm Disks’ mark LAUNCH PARTY including three preferred Bristol-based acts:-

Waldo’s gift – developed as another power in the UK jazz scene. Conceived out of their improvisatory residency at Bristol’s The Gallimaufry, the band immediately picked up a reputation in their old neighbourhood before accomplishing more extensive national consideration.

Snazzback – an 8 piece band, who have been working intimately with vocalist China Bowls for their most recent performances.  They pool their diverse tastes and investigate music from around the globe through acts of spontaneity and joint effort.  Snazzback’s most recent synthesis consolidates the weight of present-day bass music with dynamic artistic game plans, skirting on punk and free jazz now and again as much as hip-jump and soul.

Run Logan Run – Utilizing roundabout breathing and FX, Run Logan Run makes music that is both ruthless and lovely, without the utilisation of circle pedals or sponsorship tracks. These extraordinary features make them stand out from other bands.

Concert Info: Date & Time: 27th March, 8 pm-2 am – Venue: Fiddlers – Tickets: £10, £12.50 + bf – Genres: Contemporary, Jazz, Special Events, Modern Jazz

Jump Blues with Chris Corcoran-Workshop

Nominated by UK Blues Federation, for Blues Instrumentalist of the year, Chris Corcoran has been titled as “Guitarist of the guitarists”. This man has been performing consistently for more than 20 years across the UK and Europe.  His workshop will give you in-depth knowledge about improving your playing style as well as the techniques of driving the audience.  Buy your tickets now and grab the opportunity to learn.

Concert Info: Date & Time: 28th March, 12pm-2pm – Venue: The Folk House – Tickets: £20 + bf – Genres: Blues

The Heartthrob Duos Performance: Kairos 4TET + Emilia Martensson

bristol jazz and blues festival

Being the perfect blender of classic and contemporary, Kairos 4TET are quickly turning into a foundation of the British jazz scene. They are unique – overcoming any issues among classic and contemporary; the jazz colloquialism and the genealogy of tune; fierce furrows, consuming spontaneous creations and songs that wait long after the music stops.  They will be performing cooperatively with Swedish vocalist Emilia Martensson, who has been associating both as a singer and composer for a long time.  Prepare yourself for this greatest Jazz show on earth at St Georges.

Concert Info: Date and Time: 28th March, 2 pm – Venue: St Georges – Tickets: £15 + bf – Genres: Contemporary Jazz, Traditional Jazz

Andy Hague Featuring “The Blues and The Abstract Truth”

Andy Hague is a cult figure renowned for being a Bristol-based trumpeter and drummer. He has also been a performer and an organizer for the past 25 years which makes him an ultimate artist.  Along with his fellow musicians Freddie Hubbard, Eric Dolphy, Bill Evans, Paul Chambers and Roy Haynes, he is going to be the spellbinder crackerjack of the day.  Try not to be late for purchasing tickets for this choice occasion and appreciate the show with families and companions.

Concert Info: Date and Time: 29th March, 2 pm – Venue: St Georges – Tickets:  £15 + bf – Genres: Blues

The Ultimate Jazz Dames Presentation

The theme of Jazz will be redefined by the top class troupe of singers and instrumentalists like Rebecca Nash, Sara Colman, Ruth Hammond, Katya Gorrie as they are back by public demand. Extraordinary voices with, out-of-the world instrumental skills are going to make your evening the best of the bests.  Get buckled up and run for tickets so that you can enjoy the exciting event with your family and friends.

Concert Info: Date and Time: 27th March, 7 pm – Venue: St Georges – Tickets:  £22, £17, £12 + bf – Genres: Traditional Jazz

Tricia Boutte Cookery Workshop

bristol jazz and blues festival

Rooted in New Orleans, Tricia Boutte aka “Sista Teedy” is one of a kind super talented performer. She is the niece of international Jazz vocalist Lillian Boutte. Teedy has just appreciated a rich vocal vocation acting in an assortment of melodic settings.  Her collection covers jazz, principles, R&B, pop, soul, gospel and Caribbean music.  That being said, this extremely skilful lady is also a renowned chef.  Bring a pen and paper with you because, in this event, you will get to learn the exquisite recipe of Southern State cuisine.

Concert Info: Date & Time: 29th March 10 am- Venue: The Folk House – Tickets: £5 + bf – Genres: Special Events, Workshop

Colston Hall Free Stage Show

The Colston Hall stage is all set to exhibit the brilliant performances of the school and university bands.  You will be surely amazed by the superior and engaging acts discharged by these young talents.  Get ready and enjoy the bewildering event lined up from 11 am to 4.45 pm.

Concert Info: Date and Time: 29th March, 11 am – Venue: Colston Hall – Genres: Swing, Big Band, Contemporary Jazz, Traditional Jazz, Modern Jazz

To wrap it up, Bristol city is going to have a series of astounding events from 26th March to 29th March.  Entertain yourself and your dear ones with the ecstatic joyride.   There are so many great things to do in Bristol and this is one of them!  The great Bristol International Jazz & Blues Festival awaits you!

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