Hen Party Themes | 30 Favourite Affordable Ideas for 2024

Hen Party Themes

Our top tips for choosing a theme for your hen, fox, hag or sten party celebrations in 2024.

The nearlywed person is obviously the most important person to consider, so have a chat and see if they have any ideas of what the would like to do.  What are they obsessed with?  What are they into? These are the questions you should be asking.

If they are unsure or wants a surprise, gather a small group and come up with several suggestions.  Don’t get everyone involved at this stage as they say, “too many cooks spoil the broth”.  Or set up a Chat group and make a pole and then just pick the most popular one.

You need to consider the budget of your party, some themes can easily be mocked together with clothing and things you already have.  If you’re pushing the boat out, then of course there are plenty of costumes and accessories you can order online.

Back to School:  This would work so well for an afternoon of sports day games.  Just think of when you wore your long sock with your “too short” school skirts, undone ties, with pig tails and plaits galore!   This would be so much fun competing against each other with the three-legged, wheelbarrow or egg and spoon race.  Throw in a game of dodgeball and hopscotch too!

Barbie:  Very popular now, embracing glitz and glamour and everything pink!  Get ready to turn back time to the colourful era of the 90s! It’s no surprise that girls are getting all nostalgic and throwing their very own Barbie-themed bashes. When better to embrace the pink-tastic world of Barbie than during your hen party, surrounded by your closest friends? So, dust off your pink dresses and get ready to party like Barbie herself!

Last Rodeo:  A spirited western-themed celebration.  This lively theme embraces elements such as cowgirl boots, hats, denim, and toe-tapping country music matched with your BBQ favourites, cowgirl cocktails and games like horseshoe tossing and lassoing.  Decorations – Cow print items, pink feathers, and coordinating cowgirl hats to enhance the festive ambiance. So, grab your boots and hats, and saddle up for a wild ride!

Abba:  A great theme for mixed ages, who doesn’t love Abba!  Encourage guests to dress up in 70’s-inspired disco outfits. Maybe theme the Hen Party around the movie “Mamma Mia” think about including feather boas, flares and glittery makeup.  A fun-filled celebration honouring the bride-to-be with a retro twist!

Something the colour of:  Cost friendly, simple but effective, everyone wears the chosen colour for the weekend or big night out.

Boho Chic: Embrace free-spirited vibes with a bohemian-themed hen party. Create a cozy atmosphere with floor cushions, dream catchers, and fairy lights. Set up a DIY flower crown station, enjoy the sunshine with a relaxed outdoor picnic or even a tarot card reading session. Don’t forget the acoustic guitar for some chill vibes!

Spice Girls:  Spice up your life with a Spice Girls-themed hen party! Dress up as your favourite Spice Girl, have a dance-off to all of their hits, and indulge in themed cocktails like “Wannabe Margaritas” and “Spicy Shots.” Don’t forget to strike a pose for some 90s-inspired photo ops!

Where’s Wally / Wenda:  Decked out in Wally’s or Wenda’s signature red-and-white striped shirt, glasses, and beanie, you’ll steal the spotlight and add a playful twist to the Hen Party Fun. While Wally may hog the limelight, you’ll be the undeniable star of the show, embodying Wenda’s charm and wit. Plus you’ll never have any trouble rounding up you party crew at the end of the night!

Britney Bash:   Hit me, baby, one more time with a Britney Spears-themed hen party!  Dress in iconic Britney outfits, dance to her greatest hits, and recreate her music videos with karaoke and dance-offs. Serve up Britney-themed cocktails and have a blast reliving the 90s pop sensation.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Hangout:  Transport yourselves to the wizarding world with a Harry Potter-themed hen party. Sort guests into houses, don wizard robes, and enjoy magical activities like potion making, wand crafting, and a game of Quidditch. Serve up Butterbeer and indulge in Hogwarts-inspired treats.

Cheerleader Craze:   Who wouldn’t love a cheerleader-themed hen party! Dress in pom-poms and uniforms, learn cheer routines, and create spirited games like cheer-off competitions and pyramid building. Complete the experience with cheerleader-themed cocktails and snacks.

Army Girls:  Get ready for a mission to celebrate the bride-to-be’s last tour of duty.  Suit up in your best camouflage attire, everyone should have something they could use in their wardrobe.  After your camouflage makeover (camouflage face paint and tattoos) enjoy a military-style book camp or tactical games like paintball or create a challenging assault course.

Hollywood Glamour:  Roll out the red carpet and embrace the glitz and glam of Hollywood for your hen party. Encourage guests to dress as their favourite movie stars or in classic ball gowns. Set up a photo booth with props inspired by iconic films and serve cocktails named after famous celebrities. Finish the night with a movie marathon of chick flicks or classic Hollywood films.

Baywatch:  Make waves at your Baywatch-themed hen party!  Embrace the iconic red swimsuits, whistle, and fun blowup lifeguard accessories for a day of evening of fun. Channel your inner lifeguard as you hit the beach, play beach games, and soak up the sun. With beachside cocktails and Baywatch-inspired activities, it’s a celebration that’s sure to be a splash. With games like Volleyball, Lifeguard Relays, Limbo or Hula Hoop Contests this is a sure winner!

Oktoberfest:   Prost to the bride-to-be with an Oktoberfest-themed hen party! Dress in dirndls and lederhosen, enjoy traditional German beer and pretzels, and dance to oompah music. Set up beer tasting stations and challenge guests to a stein-holding competition.

Tropical Paradise:  Transform your party venue into a tropical oasis with palm leaves, fruity cocktails, and vibrant floral decorations. Think Hawaiian shirts, flower leis, and grass skirts. Set up a DIY cocktail bar with exotic drinks and indulge in tropical-themed games like limbo and pineapple bowling and don’t forget the glitter station.

Toy Story Adventure:  Take a trip to infinity and beyond with a Toy Story-themed hen party! Dressing up as your favourite characters will have everyone in stitches, play Toy Story trivia games, and enjoy themed cocktails like “Buzz Lightyear Blasters” and “Woody’s Whiskey Sours.” Don’t forget to set up a photo booth with Toy Story props for memorable snapshots.

Gatsby Glamour:  Step back into the roaring 20s with a Great Gatsby-inspired hen party. Encourage your guests to dress in flapper dresses and dapper suits. Decorate with gold and black accents, feathers, and art deco motifs, whilst enjoying champagne towers and jazz music.

Hen Fest Extravaganza:  Create your very own music festival with a Hen Fest-themed party. Set up tents, decorate with flower crowns and festival flags, and enjoy live music or a DIY karaoke stage. Serve up festival-inspired food and drinks and enjoy the outdoors with lawn games and camping vibes.

Game of Thrones:  Dress as your favourite characters, participate in Westeros-inspired games and challenges, and enjoy themed cocktails like “Dragon’s Breath” and “White Walker Whiskey.” Set up a photo booth with Iron Throne props for epic snapshots.

Alice in Wonderland:   Fall down the rabbit hole with an Alice in Wonderland-themed hen party!  There are some many eccentric and unique characters for you to dress up as.   Who would you choose? Alice, The White Rabbit, The Mad Hatter, The Cheshire Cat, The Queen of Hearts?  Games – Croquet with Flamingo Mallets, White Rabbit Obstacle Course, Mad Hatter’s Hat Making and don’t forget the Mad Hatters Tea Party.

Gangster Girl Gathering:  Go back in time to the roaring twenties with a gangster-themed hen party! Dress in flapper dresses and pinstripe suits, play casino games like poker and blackjack, and enjoy prohibition-era cocktails.

Something that begins with:  Give your party goers a bit more flexibility with this theme, where everyone chooses something “that begins with …..”  the bride-to-be’s chosen letter. Everyone can get imaginative with this budget friendly theme.

Vintage Tea Party:  Transport your guests to an elegant era with a vintage tea party theme. Decorate with delicate china, lace tablecloths, and floral arrangements. Serve a selection of finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, and an assortment of teas. Add a touch of nostalgia with vintage games like croquet or a hat-making station.

Disney:  Let your inner child shine with a Disney-themed hen party! Dress as your favourite Disney characters, sing along to classic Disney songs, and indulge in themed cocktails and treats. Set up a Disney movie marathon and enjoy a night filled with magic and nostalgia.

Hollywood Glamour:  Roll out the red carpet and embrace the glitz and glam of Hollywood for your hen party. Encourage guests to dress as their favourite movie stars or in classic black-tie attire. Set up a photo booth with props inspired by iconic films and serve cocktails named after famous celebrities. Finish the night with a movie marathon of chick flicks or classic Hollywood films.

Around the World Adventure: Take your guests on a journey around the world without leaving the party venue. Decorate each area with a different country theme, from vibrant Mexican fiesta to elegant Parisian soirée. Serve a variety of international cuisines and drinks, and entertain guests with cultural activities like salsa dancing, Bollywood dance lessons, or Japanese origami workshops.

Festival Frenzy:  Capture the spirit of a music festival with a fun and vibrant hen party theme. Deck out your venue with colourful bunting, flower crowns, and boho-inspired decor. Set up DIY stations for festival essentials like face painting, flower crown making, and temporary tattoos. Create a playlist of your favourite festival anthems and dance the night away under a canopy of fairy lights.

Witches and Wizards Whirlwind:  Cast a spell with a witches and wizards-themed hen party! Dress in mystical attire, brew potions, and participate in magical activities like wand making and spell casting. Enjoy themed cocktails like “Witch’s Brew” and “Wizard’s Whiskey” and embrace the enchantment of the night.

Granny Rave:  Turn back time with a granny rave-themed hen party! Dress in eccentric outfits – head scarves, thick white tights and a large bag for granny bashing.  Dance to old-school rave tunes, and enjoy nostalgic activities like bingo and knitting. Serve up retro cocktails and embrace the quirky vibes of a granny rave revival.

Circus Extravaganza:  Run away to the circus with a circus-themed hen party! Dress in circus attire like ringmasters and clowns, enjoy circus performances and games. Think of juggling, ring tossing, low tightrope walking or even a coconut shy stand and don’t forget some carnival treats like popcorn and cotton candy.

Pirates:  Set sail for adventure with a pirate-themed hen party! Dress in pirate attire, enjoy pirate-themed games and challenges – treasure hunt, Walk the plank whilst enjoying rum cocktails and seafood delights.

Moulin Rouge:  You can really go to town with a Moulin Rouge-themed hen party! Dress in glamorous cabaret attire – Black and Gold Corsets and Bustiers, feather boas and swanky shawls, fishnet stockings and garters and lace-timmed gloves, top hats and fascinators – can-can dancing and indulge in French cuisine and cocktails.

Under the Sea:  Dive into an oceanic adventure with an under the sea-themed hen party! Dress as mermaids and sea creatures, decorate with shells and blue hues, and enjoy seafood dishes and ocean-inspired cocktails.

The Ultimate Hen Party Guide Bristol – The Best Places to go -Activities|Clubs|Restaurants|updated 2024

Hen Party Bristol Activity Guide

Hen Party Activities Bristol

Experience the Ultimate Hen Party or Girls Weekend in Bristol: A Comprehensive Guide with 50+ Exciting Ideas

If you’re planning a memorable Hen Party or Girls weekend away in Bristol, look no further! We’ve put together the ultimate guide to ensure you have an unforgettable time in this vibrant city. With over 50 ideas of what to do and where to go, we’ve got you covered from dawn till dusk. From nightclubs to delightful dining options, indulgent afternoon tea to thrilling activities, we’ve handpicked the best experiences Bristol has to offer. Plus, we’ve even included fantastic mobile “in-house” activities that you can book at your Hen Party Accommodation, ranging from shoe customization to caterers, cocktail classes,  life drawing, candle making to so much more!

Bristol, a city brimming with possibilities, promises endless excitement. There’s never a dull moment here; the city buzzes day and night, offering a wide array of attractions and experiences to enjoy. Whether you’re captivated by the vibrant Harbourside, enticed by the vast shopping center, tempted by delectable restaurants, or seeking unforgettable nightlife, Bristol has it all. The diverse selection in this guide is specially curated to cater to groups of 10 or more, ensuring everyone in your party has an incredible time.

Nightclubs  –  Cocktail Classes/Gin Tasting /Bottomless Brunches – Restuarants – Afternoon Tea  –  Fun Activities  –  Hen Party House Entertainment


Pryzm the biggest Night Club in Bristol

PRYZM is a modern, state of the art, stylish night club, close to the harbourside.  A modern-day coliseum consisting of 3 club arenas, luxurious VIP suites and the ultimate chic and sexy bar experience, containing bespoke designer furnishings with a modern twist. With all the biggest brand premium spirits, champagne and prosecco available plus plenty of tasty cocktails and shots to choose from along with some of the best DJs and PAs around, there’s simply no better venue to spend you the evening with friends. PRYZM offers an amazing combination of excitement, atmosphere, elegance and opulence alongside world-class entertainment and service standards. Book your hen party and enjoy the VIP treatment you ladies deserve plus the ultimate clubbing experience you want, all rolled into one for a  truly amazing night out.

Hen Party at Pryzm Night Club Bristol


Dance until the early hours in this popular thriving nightclub in the heart of the City Centre.  They play the best and biggest songs from the 80’s, 90’s and upwards.   This colourful venue has bookable booths for your VIP experience, with table service throughout the evening.  So, whether you are planning a night out with the girls, birthday party or hen party this will be a great place to celebrate.  Get the party started with a few Popworld sharer Cocktails or something else from the array of drinks available.  Check out the Website for more information.

Hen Party at Popworld Nightclub Bristol

Coyote Ugly

Hen Party Brunch Bristol Coyote Ugly

Welcome to the most famous bar on the planet! Coyote Ugly Bristol isn’t about sophistication; it’s about letting loose, going wild, and living your best life. With a Hollywood blockbuster filmed here, it’s a spot where memories are made. Perfect for a hen party Bottomless Brunch, it’s a place to party like there’s no tomorrow. Say goodbye to sophistication and hello to fun-filled madness. If you’re ready to join the craziness, they’ll ensure your experience is unforgettable. Get ready to let down your hair, dance the night away, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Lola Lo Nightclub

Another one of Bristol’s popular nightclubs is this intimate Tiki-themed nightclub, spend the evening in this colourful nightclub giving you the feeling of being on holiday with their feature bamboo styled bar, impressive lamplit interior, colourful neon lights and decor and superb cocktails.  Get into the spirit and take some selfies at the dressing up box. Playing a mix of music including cheesy and eclectic pool party-worthy dance tunes, this is a great place to party.  Book a Tiki Style Cocktail making Masterclass, learn how to create a selection of bespoke cocktails with the added Lola Lo twist.  Classes last for 2 hours and prices start from £28.95 per person.  Or just book a VIP booth and get your name on the guest list.

Lola Lo Bristol Nightclub

Tonight Josephine

Tonight Josephine Bottomless Brunch

Tonight Josephine’s is renowned for curated events, unparalleled happy hours, and extravagant brunches, Josephine’s embodies the height of classy partying.  You can expect opulent interiors, bespoke signage, and ample opportunities for your social media selfies.

As the premier destination for celebrations, including birthdays and hen parties, guests can anticipate an evening of elevated indulgence. So, wear your finest attire, savour a signature Shim Shimmer cocktail, and prepare for an unforgettable night of fun, laughter and frolics with your friends!

Blame Gloria

Hen Party at Blame Gloria Bristol

Located in the heart of Bristol, Blame Gloria Cocktail Bar offers a beautifully decorated space and a carefully chosen menu of cocktails. Perfect for fun Hen and Birthday Parties, guests can enjoy their favourite drinks while soaking in Gloria’s legendary atmosphere.

Known for her wild parties and memorable encounters with music icons like Bowie and Hendrix, Gloria’s influence can be felt through her special drinks and lively vibe. With Happy Hour deals and a playlist spanning from The Beatles to Lady Gaga, visitors can expect a fun-filled night of dancing and enjoyment at Gloria’s bar.

The Old Market Assembly

A great place to spend the evening, with live music every weekend.  Its aim is to create an environment where culture, food, drink and music and events connect people from all walks of life.  You can book a table for food and then dance the night away from 10.30 pm into the early hours. 

At The Old Market Assembly you can enjoy a wide variety of music usually on Friday and Saturday nights, from local up and coming bands and anything from cabaret, drag queen acts, to club music and Northern Soul nights.

Old Market Assembly Rooms Bristol

Thekla - Harbourside

Thekla is a world-famous, award-winning live music venue and club space.  It was originally a floating art gallery and theatre brought to the Mud Dock area back in 1982.  In the early 90’s it was transformed into a nightclub, providing performance for Bands such as Massive Attack and Bristol’s Drum and Bass scene.  It regularly has live gigs and is a firm favourite for dancing.  This is a club that may not appeal to everyone, we would suggest checking what’s on before you go. Find out More.

Thelka Nightclub Bristol

Cocktails, Gin Tasting and Bottomless Brunch or Dinner

Flight Club

Flight Club Darts Bristol offers a very unique and lively venue for a hen party Bottomless Brunch. Combining darts heritage with fairground excitement, the decor exudes British pub warmth with a nod to Bristol’s charm.  You compete against each other over 8 round of different games, Donkey Derby, Quack Shots, Snakes and Ladders, Killer it’s so much fun!

With Prosecco, bottomless pizza, and Social Darts sampler, guests are in for a treat.   Spend half your time perfecting throws and the other half toasting champions. Each guest gets a whole bottle of Prosecco and delicious pizza paddles, with complimentary orange juice for mimosas. It’s the ultimate fun-filled brunch experience!  Booking well in advance is a must, it really is as good as everyone says it is. 

Flight Club Darts Hen Party Activity


Set in a historic building, an old tram shed, right in the heart of the great city you will find this stunning restored Building.  It has three spacious outdoor terraces to make the most of the summer sunshine and relaxed atmospheric interior.  This much loved, marvellous microbrewery, brews its own beer and services deliciously tasty locally sourced food and fabulous cocktails. Zerodegrees serves quality tasty food and has an extensive range of all of your favourite Cocktails, at very reasonable prices.  A great place to start your evening out.  Find out more on the Website.

Cosy Club

A grand venue in the centre of Bristol.  Cosy Club is a really stylish bar with a restaurant at the back.  It was formerly a bank and has retained all of its character features, with its very elegant and grand high ceilings with an awe-inspiring domed roof and marble flooring.  This smart and sophisticated bar makes for a super start to any evening. Serving Brunch, Lunch and Tasty Tapas and Dinner.  They have a massive range of Cocktails.  Check out their Menus.

Magic, Food and Music at Smoke and Mirrors

A bar with its own Magic Theatre featuring Close up Magic, Live Music, Stand Up Comedy, Burlesque, Comedy and Magic Shows with inhouse Magicians. Expect to be entertained in the cosy bar with close-up magic from the minute you enter the door.  

Smoke and Mirrors also run Cocktail and Magic Masterclasses.  You can learn how to make up to 3 classic cocktails.  Classes are run every Saturday from 3 pm to 5 pm and you can not only learn how to make your favourite cocktails, they also teach you some magic tricks so that you can talk away feeling accomplished from your new skills.  Booking well in advance is essential.  Something quite unique and different for you to enjoy on your girls night out.

Las Iguanas - Harbourside

Looking for a lively and memorable location to host your hen party brunch? Look no further than Las Iguanas Bristol Harbourside! This vibrant restaurant is awash with color and ultimate Bristol energy.  Situated between the water and Millennium Square, Harbourside Las Iguanas is the perfect spot for lunch  and at night it comes alive with real Latin spirit.

Inside, your senses will immediately spring to life with Latin American vibes and fresh, delicious food. During Happy Hour, you can enjoy 2-for-1 cocktails all day, every day! But the real highlight? Two hours of Bottomless Brunch with unlimited cocktails, mocktails, beer, bubbles, and spirits.

Las Iguanas Bristol Harbourside is the perfect choice for a hen party brunch, with its stunning waterfront view and lively atmosphere. 

Za Za Bazaar – multi-cuisine buffet restaurant

Located right on the Harbourside this restaurant is a world banquet and bar.  An “all you can eat” restaurant where you can feast on food for all around the world.  Once inside this enormous venue, you feel like you’ve been transported into another world, with big neon lights and a theatrical feeling. This is a self-service venue and has specialist chiefs for each type of cuisine. 

A great opportunity to try something you may not normally order in a restaurant.  The food choice is huge, food from – Far East, China, Italy, India, Thailand, Mexico and Great Britain Classics.

This amazing venue also has a downstairs bar, with plenty of seating and Live Bands on Fridays and Saturdays making it for a great place to get you warmed up before going to a nightclub.

Check out the Website to make a booking

Turtle Bay - Board Quay

Looking for a lively and fun-filled hen party experience? Turtle Bay Bristol Broad Quay offers a bottomless brunch menu that is the perfect way to kick off celebrations with a bang.

For two hours, guests can enjoy unlimited drinks, including Turtle Bay’s famous rum punch, Prosecco, cocktails, fizz, red stripe, mocktails and soft drinks, while indulging in mouthwatering brunch dishes. The menu includes classic full English breakfasts and Caribbean-inspired dishes like jerk bacon and eggs, catering to everyone’s taste buds.

The vibrant and colorful atmosphere provides the perfect backdrop for hen party photos, and the friendly staff ensures that every guest has a fantastic time from start to finish. To experience this unique hen party celebration, book a bottomless brunch at Turtle Bay Bristol Broad Quay today.

Fish and Chips Trip aboard "The Matthew"

Gather your friends, family, or colleagues and climb aboard The Matthew ship for a truly unique dining experience! Indulge in a traditional fish and chips meal (with other options available) while taking in the stunning views of the harbour and passing by the iconic SS Great Britain along the way.

This reconstructed ship has been modernised to comply with safety regulations, making it both safe and breathtaking. Plus, with local pirates providing entertainment, you’re sure to have a memorable time. Don’t miss out on this two-hour adventure – book your group trip now and enjoy an unforgettable experience together!

Best Places to go for Afternoon Tea for a Hen Party in Bristol

Afternoon Tea in a Unique Cakery

Vintage Birdcage Cakery is a really beautifully decorated café and is very popular for Afternoon Tea.  Afternoon Tea consists of a variety of freshly made sandwiches, wraps and mini quiches, coleslaw and crisps together with a selection of homemade cakes, mini scones, clotted cream and jam. 

This very popular café is a little gem with a unique personality.  They pay great attention to detail the staff are really friendly and everybody talks about their amazing food which caters for all dietary needs.  Contact them with your requirements.

They also serve breakfasts, lunch – loaded jacket potatoes, salads, sandwiches, paninis, toasties, baguettes, bespoke homemade cakes, cream tea, milkshakes etc including a children’s menu, the list goes on and caters for everyone.  Open every day until 4.30 pm apart from Sunday when it closes at 3 pm.   This is situated right next to the lovely Kingsgate Park, if you fancy having a stroll and burning off some calories afterwards.

Old Down Country Estate

Old Down Country Park is set within 66 acres of breath-taking countryside, with beautiful views and gardens.  Offering lots of outdoor space to relax in and also their very popular, generously sized afternoon teas.

Afternoon tea is served in the beautifully restored cosy barn café, with a selection of savoury sandwiches, homemade pork pies, scotch eggs, scones with cream & jam, homemade cakes, chocolate covered strawberries, crisps and pots of tea. Visit the Website to make a booking. 

The River Lounge

With beautiful views of the harbourside, this is a fabulous place for Afternoon tea.  Set in a lofty conservatory-style space River Grille has an elegant light and airy, spacious dining room with a relaxed and informal ambience.  Afternoon tea consists of freshly made finger sandwiches, homemade cakes, pastries and a selection of fine teas. They also have a full menu and boast about their spectacular steaks and perfectly cooked fish from their award-winning chef.

Visit the Website for more information.

Do you need somewhere to stay, check availability HERE  for affordable accommodation

Lane 7 - Bowling, Pool, Arcade Games, Darts and more

Activity ideas for your Hen Party in Bristol

Lane 7 Bristol Hen Party Activity Bristol

Darts with a Difference

Lane 7 Bristol, situated by the Harbour on Millennium Promenade, is more than just bowling—it’s an adventure hub for hen parties. From shooting pods to augmented dart booths, beer pong to retro arcades, and shuffleboards to pool, it’s a playground for gaming enthusiasts. Catering to groups of 14 to 400, it’s perfect for private bookings. Indulge in Fat Hippo’s delectable burgers and sides.

With a plethora of arcade and bar games, it’s a haven for fun-seekers. Whether bowling strikes or sinking shots, Lane 7 Bristol guarantees a memorable experience for every taste, complete with spacious settings and delicious dining options.  You really need to visit their Website to see the many options available.

Pole Dancing

Have a bit of sassy fun with a 2-hour pole dancing class at 360 Pole Dancing Bristol.  Classes are held at a glamorous dedicated, mirrored dance studio in Bedminster Bristol. Learn some of the sexiest moves and poses including “The Wrap Around”, “The Fireman”, “The Back Slide” and “Body Wave”.  Learn how to make a big entrance.  Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience everyone will be able to learn something.  Feather Boas props are available to use on the day.

Make sure you take your camera and high heels for those sexy photo opportunities.  Enjoy a bottle of pink bubbly, a special gift for the bride and sweeties to keep your energy up.   Hen Parties on Saturday’s start from 11 am, 1.30 pm or 4 pm.  Visit the Website for more information.

West Country Games

West Country Games Bristol Hen Party Activities Guide

Fancy a hilarious group activity to top your Bristol weekend?      West Country Games offers an hilarious day out! Take part in 9 different crazy west country themed games, and compete against your friends to win an exclusive prize. You’ll be whacking, wobbling, leaping and catapulting as you take on games such as the West Country Wipeout, the Gladiator style Pitchfork Pugel Duel and the bungee Cider Run.  You don’t need to worry about the weather either as you can have use of their indoor activity centre between November and February.

Suitable for all abilities, they offer a fantastic day out where you won’t stop laughing! You will be guided around by your own Activity Host who will take free photos of your group and keep score for that all important prize! There’s even a special surprise game for the hen/birthday person! 

Sessions run every Saturday at 10:30am and 1:30pm

Mention Bury Hill Farm for a special discount when you book on their Website.

Clay Shooting / Archery / Rifle Shooting

Be adventurous and book a session with Bristol Clay Shooting.  Where events are tailored to your requirements.  They have plenty of options from all day, half-day or even just a few hours of shooting and they supply everything needed.

Your day will start with a safety talk and briefing from their professional CPSA qualified coach. You will learn how to safely handle a shotgun and everything you need to know about cartridges, shooting and target types.  Then you will split into smaller groups, each with your own instructor who will show you how to shoot the clays.  Bristol Clay Shooting also provides Archery and Air rifles to make your day even more interesting.  Prices start from £35 per person, contact them via their Website for a tailor-made package.

Bristol Clay Shoot Hen Party Activity

Par 59

Hen Party Activities Bristol Crazy Golf at Par59

Nestled along Millennium Promenade lies Par 59 Bristol, a hub of excitement for hen parties.  With four interactive darts oches and two mini golf courses, Par 59 invites guests to indulge their competitive spirits.  Dive into the Fairground course for an amazing journey through carnival-inspired obstacles, or opt for the Arcade course, a nostalgic nod to retro gaming.   Whether chasing victory on the greens or reliving arcade classics, Par 59 promises a hen party filled with laughter and friendly competition.  You can also enjoy delectable bites from the independent kitchen, Dirty Birdie, it’s an ideal space for casual dining and mingling.  Booking is recommended.

Wine Tasting Experience

Wine Tasting Bristol Hen Party Activity

Discover how wine is made at Wine Unearthed, how it affects what you see, smell and taste in your glass. Understand the differences in how white wine, red wine and rose are made.  Taste and compare wines side by side to really see the differences in styles.  Compare oaked and unoaked white wines – How are ‘unoaked’ wines made and what does ‘oaked’ really mean?  Learn how Sparkling wine is made – what gives the wine it’s fizz and why does Champagne differ from Prosecco, Cava etc.

A full Wine-Tasting Experience day, lasting for 5 hours – tasting, learning and talking about wine including a delicious 3 course wine matching lunch.  Everything is included and you’ll leave with a ‘World of Wine’ or ‘Vine to Wine’ course book, your wine-tasting notebook, and most importantly increased confidence and a smile on your face!  Visit the Website for more information.

Something you probably haven’t thought of – Inland Surfing

Why not try the newest attraction in Bristol?   Inland surfing at The Wave.  Enjoy a 2 hour session with a lesson at the amazing 180 metres long surfing lake.  Everything needed will be provided, including wetsuits, boots and board.   There is also a clubhouse serving delicious food and surf shop.  If not all of the group fancies surfing, spectators are welcome for a small fee, to just sit relax and watch all the action.

Such a great experience to enjoy in Bristol.   Booking well in advance is essential.  Visit the Website  for more information.  Open every day of the year, except Christmas day.

The Wave Surfing Bristol

Axe Throwing, Paint Ball, Quad Biking and more

Looking for an unforgettable Hen Party Activity? Look no further! Max Events, has a purpose-built centre in Bristol and offers tailor-made experiences for an action-packed getaway. With over 20 years of event planning expertise, they ensure your celebration is nothing short of amazing.

Choose from a great range of activities including Rage Buggies, Quad Biking, Hovercraft, Crossbow, Painball and more! Don’t see what you want? They’ll make it happen with their extensive UK connections. Let them handle the details, so all you need to worry about is enjoying yourselves!   Visit their Website for more information.

Quad Biking Hen Party Bristol

A Booze Cruise

Booze Cruise Hen Party

Bristol Ferry boats offer a variety of options to see the City from a different viewpoint.  Take a trip around the harbour on one of their, fully licensed, iconic Blue and Yellow Ferry Boats. 

Packages include – trips along the dockside pubs and bars – where you have the opportunity to hop on and off of the boat or you can organise Vintage Tea Parties, Bubbly Breakfast or you can create your own bespoke party with them. 

Daily Cruises are also on offer and can be booked in advance, trips last from 2 to 3 ½ hours.  Trips range from Sundown Sailing, Brunel’s Tour, Avon Gorge Trip, Friday trips with to venue with live music and Sunday Riverside Roast trips.   Website

Go-Karting Bristol

Bristol Go Karting Fishponds

If you’re searching for an exciting destination to unleash your inner speed demon with your friends, look no further than Absolutely Karting Bristol! Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled experience like no other as you conquer one of the longest indoor go-karting tracks in the South West. Spanning an impressive 1,000 meters, this track is packed with thrilling twists and turns that will have your heart racing. Get ready to rev up the engine and zoom towards speeds of up to 45mph on their top-notch Sodi GT5 karts.

Feeling a bit peckish after all that excitement? They’ve got you covered with their snack bar, serving delicious pizzas and refreshing drinks to refuel your energy.  Booking details – https://absolutely-karting.co.uk/group-karting/

Fun Themed Dance Class

Hen Party Dance Class Bristol

Bounce Studios provides the perfect activity for any get together! They offer a personal, stress-free, and friendly service, guaranteeing to make every hen dance party a relaxed and fun affair. They also takes care of sorting the venue, instructor, and music, so attendees simply need to turn up ready to boogie!

Their dance party classes are specifically tailored for celebrations, and their welcoming instructors have taught people of all abilities, ages, and experience levels. Bounce Studios focuses on injecting the fun element into every dance party, ensuring that every VIP attendee enjoys themselves and may even learn a routine that can be performed at the wedding reception (for those brave enough!).

Hen Party classes to choose from– Salsa & Latin – Line Dancing – Girl Band – Spice Girls Hen – 50’s Swing Dance – Cheerleading – Single Ladies – Dirty Dancing – 80’s Hen – Charleston – Grease – Bollywood Hen – Burlesque and so much more!

Contact Bounce Studios for you to arrange a booking.

Locked in a Room

Locked in a Room Bristol Hen Party Activity

A live escape room experience. Participants are locked in a room with a series of tests, puzzles and clues that combined, allow the unlocking of the room’s mystery and hopefully a successful escape, challenging you every step of the way.  Once the door slams, you’ll need to quickly figure out what lies ahead of you and ensure you have the best-laid plans in order. You’ll need to collect clues, solve riddles and think outside the box in order to escape in time. Teamwork is key!

You will find yourself submerged into a new world in the heavily themed rooms, there are three to choose from!  And be taken on a journey through the world of science and time travel.  Faced with non-physical, yet exhilarating, challenges, cryptic clues, tests and puzzles which are aimed at stretching the usual thought processes.  Booked your great escape Now!

WaterPark Fun

Hen Party Activities at West Country Waterpark Bristol

West Country Water Park, the ultimate activity for an action-packed activity for your hen party weekend near Bury Hill Farm! Just a short 10-minute drive away.

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure, choose from the grand aqua course, paddleboard across the serene waters, windsurfing, kayak amidst picturesque views or enjoy heart-pounding waterskiing and jet-skiing thrills.

With a dedicated party host by your side, you’ll feel supported and have a blast throughout your day and when it’s time to refuel, pop in the onsite restaurant where they serve up mouthwatering dishes amidst stunning lake views.

At West Country Water Park, they guarantee an extraordinary hen party experience filled with laughter, camaraderie, and cherished memories. So gather your ladies, escape to Bury Hill Farm, and embark on a water-filled journey that will leave you buzzing with excitement.   Visit the Website for more details or read our full blog post HERE.

Pottery Class – 3 hour session

Pottery Class for Hen Party Bristol

Pottery Shed Studio, allows you to make your own pottery in a relaxed atmosphere with professional help and guidance.  Using a unique building method you can make your own hand built salad bowl.  All oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. The only thing that will limit you will be your imagination.  Enjoy a 3 hour taster session full of fun and laughter as you create your own special creation. Contact Brenda to discuss your ideas and requirements.  They are just a 5 minute drive from our Holiday Cottage.

Check our availability for a 2 night (minimum) stay

Not going out? Bring the Entertainment to your Hen Party House

Yoga Hen Party

Yoga Hen Party Weekend Bristol

Are you looking for the perfect way to relax, unwind and have fun with your friends during your hen party?   Hen Party Yoga offers a unique and unforgettable experience that will leave everyone feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

They provide a professional female instructor who will guide you through sequences that are tailored to your group’s needs, so whether you’re a beginner or a yogi, they have you covered.  They also bring the chocs and smoothies to you! 

Hen Party Yoga offers a choice of Yoga, Pilates and wellbeing classes for hen parties, birthdays and celebrationst. The Yoga classes are suitable for all levels of experience.   Visit Hen Party Yoga for more information.

Fun Dance Class

Hen Party Dance Class Bristol

Sashay Dance Fun, the ultimate destination for groups seeking themed dance classes to spice up their celebrations. Whether it’s a hen party, birthday bash, or just a day of fun with friends, Sashay Dance Fun is dedicated to spreading joy and creating lasting dancing memories.

Their 90-minute dance classes boast an array of 20 groovy themes, ensuring there’s something to suit every taste and occasion.  From Britney, Dirty Dancing, Spice Girls, Barbie, Beyonce to Salsa and everything in between.

At just £23 per person, with the added bonus of the main party person or organiser attending for free, this offers exceptional value.  So, round up your crew, slip on those dancing shoes, and get ready to sashay into a world of fun with Sashay Dance Fun. After all, life’s too short not to dance!  Contact Sashay Dance to book today!

Chocolate Making Workshops

Hen Party Bristol Chocolate Making Class

Chocolate Collective Workshops are tailored perfectly for hen parties, providing a delightful opportunity for everyone to join in and bond while mastering the craft of chocolate truffle making.

Lasting approximately 1.5 hours you will discover the secrets of mixing, piping, and moulding delicious Belgian chocolate, all while creating your own assortment of delectable truffles. The workshop combines demonstration with hands-on group work and a lively atmosphere, encouraging guests to connect over a shared experience.

Suitable for all ages and skill levels, these workshops are designed with novices in mind, ensuring a fantastic time for every member of the bridal party.  Make your hen party an unforgettable celebration filled with laughter, chocolate, and cherished memories!  Visit Chocolate Collective for more information.

Massage/Beauty Therapist

Party Pamper Angels for Hen Parties Bristol

Pamper Party Angels are a team of highly skilled, fully insured and qualified, Mobile Massage and Beauty Therapists.  Specialising in providing pamper parties in the comfort of your Hen Party Accommodation.

They are able to provide all your guests with 30-minute Massage or Beauty treatments including Facials, Pedicures, Manicures and Back, Neck and Shoulder Massages.  See their list of treatments HERE

Delightful Buffet delivered to your door

Vanilla Blue Mobile Catering Bristol

Vanilla Blue Catering offer superb buffets, delivered straight to your accommodation.

Always put together with love and attention, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy this very delicious, tasty food with the best service from a local provider.

On offer is a range of options from sandwich platters, canapes, sharing platters, finger buffets, fork buffets, grazing tables, afternoon teas and more as well as some delicious desserts.   

For more information visit the Website

Paint Party

Paint Party Bristol - Hen Party Activity

Let’s get creative on your hen do!   Create a work of art with your friends during your weekend away with The Paint Club.  Find your inner artist and don’t forget the bubbly and cocktails for this fun not too serious activity.

The Paint Club will arrange a bespoke painting experience just for you, if you have an idea of what you could all paint together, they will provide all the equipment and guide you into creating your masterpiece.   Pop them an email to find out more.

Mobile Cocktail Workshop

Hen Party Weekend Bristol

Thirsty Bee is a mobile cocktail service and experience that is designed to get the party started in a fun and interactive way.  Lasting for two hours this is an ideal activity for hen parties or birthday parties.  Your cocktail specialist will provide an in-depth explanation of how to construct your favourite cocktails, with all the equipment and glasses provided.   They also offer other experiences like Gin Tasting, Beer & Cider Tasting and Whiskey Tasting.

Visit their Website 

Buff Bubbly Butlers

Hen Party Weekend Buff Butlers Bristol

A great way to get your party started!  Your buff butler has all the skills to make your party feel relaxed whilst giving you a night to remember.

These buff and bubbly butlers are as you would expect, charming,  gorgeous and guaranteed to entertain everyone, at your hen party accommodation.

You can also choose from, cocktail classes, life drawing including all materials.   What are you waiting for, book your buff bubbly butler today!  Visit their WEBSITE for more information.

The Crafty Hen

The Crafty Hen Bristol Hen Parties

Have some fun with a Hen Party Workshop in the comfort of your Hen Party Accommodation.  The Crafty Hen is a Bristol based company with plenty of packages to choose from.  Parties for creative Brides and friends working together to create bespoke wedding day keepsakes for the big day or for a unique hen party experience, they have it all. 

Tried and tested workshops include – Flower Crown making, Ceramic Painting, Patchwork Party, Jewellery making, Fascinator making and Nipple Tassels, Bunting making, Knicker Customisation, Garter making, and many more. These are super workshops, lasting for up to 3 hours, crack open the bubbly, be inspired and get ready for lots of laughs along the way.  Check out the Website for more information.

Hot Tub Hire

Hot Tub Hire Bristol

Pepper Bells Glamping are a Bristol Company who hire out hot tubs as well as glamping tents.  They are a friendly family owned local business.

They offer luxury premium quality Canadian Swift hot tubs, which are the deepest tubs available.  Their tubs have a rigid outer shell offering greater insulation and support.

These Hot tubs are available to hire for weekends and are very affordable. Contact them for availability – Website

Personal Chef

Chef for Hen Party Self Catering

Enjoy restaurant-quality cuisine cooked in the comfort of your Self Catering Accommodation by a Professional Chef.

You can take time to relax with your friends whilst your dinner is being prepared and cooked from a bespoke menu tailored to your exact requirement and dietary needs.

Contact Green Apple Catering to discuss your requirements.

Bling up your Shoes

Hen Party Activities Bristol

Arriving with plain shoes and taking home a crystal pair, which you’ve designed yourself is a unique hen party activity idea from Rock My Shoes.  Taught by an experienced shoe designer, spend 2.5 hours customising your shoes for the big day.  Learn how to design with unlimited amounts of crystals and pearls.  Add to any style of shoes, flats, high heels or trainers.  If you’re not a shoe person, that’s not a problem you can still add some sparkle to your bag or a purse.

This is the perfect opportunity to bling up your favourite comfy shoes for the big day, it’s free for the bride to be and she will also receive a surprise crystal gift.  Check out the Website for more information.

Karaoke Hire

Karaoke Hire Bristol Hen Party Activity

Rock the night away with professional karaoke equipment supplied by Hire Karaoke.  Hire Karaoke is the number one leading karaoke supplier in the UK. Why not add that little extra to your party and hire a karaoke system and sing your heart out.  They have packages to suit all budgets and any party size.

All the equipment needed will be delivered to your hen party accommodation and with over 20,000 karaoke tracks to choose from be prepared to party well into the early hours!

All bookings are covered by a contract for peace of mind, visit.  Contact them directly to arrange your booking today.

Life Drawings

Nude Life Drawing for Hen Party Bristol

Enjoy a bit a Cheeky Fun with a Nude Life Drawing class at your accommodation with Hen Party Life Drawing.

A fun and tasteful form of entertainment that’s classier than a stripper.  Your professional model, will make you feel at ease, give you instructions and guidance throughout and all the supplies needed for you to create your masterpiece. Classic Cheeky Packages last for approx. 60 minutes and includes all art supplies, full guided instructions, group photo with the model and a keepsake branded folder to keep all of those cheeky drawings in.  Or there’s an Ultimate Cheeky Package for 90 a minute session, which includes all of the above plus extra party games and bride and with model poses for sketches.  See the Website for more information.

Holistic Therapist

Holistic Therapist Hen Party Activity Bristol

Treat yourself to relaxing spa treatments in the comfort of your accommodation, with Royall Holistics

Nicky specialises in Reflexology, Reiki, Swedish, Hot Stone and Deep Tissue Massage.  Enjoy an afternoon of treatments and relax and unwind before hitting the town for the evening.

Nicky is a very experienced and professional therapist who will tailor treatments to your needs.  She comes highly recommended and provides affordable group packages.   Visit the Website for more information.  Or call Nicky for a friendly chat 07786 407297.


Candle Making Workshop

Candle Making Classes Bristol Hen Party Activity

Enjoy a fun and relaxing 3-hour candle making workshop in the comfort of your Hen Party Accommodation with Mount Cottage Crafts.  Learn all the basic skills of Soy Wax candle making, the difference fragrance options, wick types, how to measure wax and put fragrance and dye into candles and the best combination for the perfect creation.

Takeaway your candles for your special day or give as a perfect gift. You can choose from making one large candle with one fragrance or 3 medium candles with 2 fragrance.  All tools and equipment are provided.  Booking well in advance is essential.  Visit the Website for more information.

Professional Wine Tasting

Bristol Wine Tasting Hen Party Activity

Calling all wine and cheese lovers!  How do you fancy spending 2 hours in the company of an experienced professional wine host, with an introduction to wine tasting.  Your host will teach you lots of tips and useful information about the world of wine along the way.   Learn how to swirl and sniff, pairing cheese and other food, explaining why each pairing works.

To make this experience cost effective for groups when you contact Bristol Wine School they will direct you to a supplier and provide you with a discount code, so that you can purchase the wine and chill it yourself at your Hen Party Accommodation.  They will also provide you with details of cheese and nibbles to buy in advance ready for your wine tasting experience.


Murder Mystery Night

Hen Party Murder Mystery

Two actors will co-ordinate events and move the plot along. Each of the guests is given a character to play for the evening.  These characters are based on all your favourite celebs.. who, have been invited to an Oscars after-show party.  Not long into the party, a dead body is discovered.  It’s up to you to uncover ‘whodunit’ over the course of an evening meal.

Anything you need to say or do will be explained on the night. The event works for between 8 and 14 guests.  The bride and groom-to-be are interwoven into the plot as integral characters! This is a massively fun event from start to finish and the whole thing lasts approx 3 hrs max. 

Contact Suzanne – suzanne.rowles@hotmail.co.uk or call 07974 436331.  Suzanne can suggest chefs or caterers for you to book for your meal.

Drag and Disorderly

Drag Queen Hen Party Bristol

If you fancy a sassy performer, bringing plenty of blue humour, dancing, singing and lots of fun and frolics.  Why not book yourself a Drag Queen.  The larger-than-life Felicity Suxwell is hilariously funny, entertaining and is sure to get your party started with a bang.

Bringing her own DJ, the music is sorted for those classic party sing-a-long songs.  This very interactive show will have everyone laughing from start to finish. Contact Felicity for more information.


Bristol Yoga Classes Hen Party Activity

Whether it’s a Hen or Birthday Party Weekend Yoga Bristol  can offer a great class tailored to your group.  Classes can last from 60 to 90 minutes and all the equipment can be provided, including yoga mats, blocks and belts, if needed.

Gary Osborn-Clarke has been teaching Yoga since 2003, so whether you are a  regular student, a beginner or simply because you want to try something new, you will be in good hands.

Recent feedback from a Weekend Hen Party commented – We had such a great yoga session taught by Gary in the garden.  He supplied all the necessary equipment and made the class appropriate for a range of different experience levels, including total beginners.  He was really positive and friendly and made everyone feel comfortable. Would really recommend.

Visit the website for more information  https://www.yogabristol.co.uk

We hope you find all the information useful for planning your weekend stay in Bristol.

Need more idea for activities and things to do at your Hen Party accommodation? Check out our latest Guide

If you are looking for somewhere to stay, we have a beautiful party house.  Sleeping 12-14 people, just 15 mins drive from Bristol. 

Outdoor Seating Hen Party House Bristol
Hen Party Weekend Bristol
Hen Party Weekend Bristol

Absolutely Karting Bristol

Bristol Go Karting Fishponds

Go-Karting Bristol - Satisfy your need for speed!

If you’re searching for an exciting destination to unleash your inner speed demon with your friends, look no further than Absolutely Karting Bristol! Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled experience like no other as you conquer one of the longest indoor go-karting tracks in the South West. Spanning an impressive 1,000 meters, this track is packed with thrilling twists and turns that will have your heart racing. Get ready to rev up the engine and zoom towards speeds of up to 45mph on their top-notch Sodi GT5 karts.

But wait, there’s more! For a truly unique adventure, why not try their Glow Karting experience? Step into a world of vibrant neon lights and UV illumination when they turn off the regular lights, creating a party atmosphere that will leave you in awe.

As you gear up for your races, your friends and family can enjoy the action from spacious viewing platforms, cheering you on every step of the way. And once you’ve completed your laps and emerged victorious, take a breather in the chill-out lounge area, designed for relaxation and celebration after an intense race. If you’re celebrating a special occasion, their party rooms are at your disposal and included in their party packages for added convenience.

Feeling a bit peckish after all that excitement? They’ve got you covered with their snack bar, serving delicious pizzas and refreshing drinks to refuel your energy.  If you fancy relaxing even further, their licensed bar is stocked with cold beers, perfect for unwinding and toasting to a thrilling day on the tracks. This option is particularly popular among those celebrating hen parties.

And here’s the best part choosing this activity, you not only enjoy an incredible experience but also contribute to a noble cause. All profits generated by Absolutely Karting Bristol go directly to Absolutely Together, an organization that offers free access to activities for children and young adults with additional needs.

Don’t miss out on the chance of an unforgettable day out!

Located in Fishponds, just 5 miles from our Hen Party Accommodation “Bury Hill Farm” – 14 Chapel Ln, Clay Hill, Bristol BS5 7EY

Booking details – https://absolutely-karting.co.uk/group-karting/

Looking for another fun Hen Party activity in Bristol?   How about a trip to a Waterpark?

West Country Water Park

Hen Party Activities at West Country Waterpark Bristol

Located just a short 10-minute drive away from Bury Hill Farm, West Country Water Park offers an exhilarating experience that will leave you and your friends buzzing with excitement. It’s the perfect activity spot to add that extra thrill to your weekend getaway.

If you’re planning a hen party weekend, this is the place to be.  Get ready to embark on a water-filled journey like no other. West Country Water Park boasts a wide range of thrilling activities designed to cater to every taste and skill level. The grand aqua course awaits those who dare to conquer its challenging obstacles, providing a test of strength, agility, and teamwork. It’s an opportunity to showcase your skills and create unforgettable memories as you cheer each other on.

Hen Party Activities at West Country Waterpark Bristol

For a more relaxed yet exciting experience, paddleboarding is the way to go. Glide across the glistening water, basking in the warm sun while you soak up the stunning surroundings. With the wind in your hair and the water beneath your feet, you’ll find a sense of tranquillity and adventure in perfect harmony.

Hen Party Activities at West Country Waterpark Bristol

If you’re seeking an adrenaline rush, try your hand at windsurfing. Harness the power of the wind as you gracefully manoeuvre through the waves, feeling the thrill of speed and freedom. It’s an exhilarating sport that combines skill, balance, and the sheer joy of riding the elements.

Hen Party Activities Bristol

For those with a love for nature and exploration, kayaking is a must. Explore the picturesque lake, surrounded by breathtaking views and the possibility of encountering wildlife along the way. It’s a chance to connect with the serenity of nature while bonding with your friends in an unforgettable setting.

And if you’re after the ultimate thrill, West Country Water Park offers the heart-pounding experiences of waterskiing and jet-skiing. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you skim across the water’s surface, leaving trails of excitement in your wake. It’s an experience that will have you laughing, screaming, and craving for more.

Throughout your adventure, West Country Water Park ensures you have a dedicated party host who will guide you every step of the way. Their enthusiasm and expertise will ensure everyone feels comfortable and has a fantastic time. They’ll be your go-to source of support and fun, making sure your group’s experience is nothing short of amazing.

Throughout your adventure, West Country Water Park ensures you have a dedicated party host who will guide you every step of the way. Their enthusiasm and expertise will ensure everyone feels comfortable and has a fantastic time. They’ll be your go-to source of support and fun, making sure your group’s experience is nothing short of amazing.

After an action-packed day on the water, indulge in a delectable meal prepared by the talented catering team at West Country Water Park. Savour mouth-watering dishes while sharing stories of your exploits and relishing in the company of your best friends. The beautiful surroundings, with the stunning lake views and joyful ambiance, create the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable celebration.

If you’re looking for a fun hen party experience that combines adventure, laughter, and camaraderie, West Country Water Park is the place to be. So gather your ladies, escape to Bury Hill Farm, and prepare to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Address – Trench Lane, Bradley Stoke, Frampton Cotterell, Bristol BS36 1RY – 11 minutes from Bury Hill Farm.

Free onsite parking.  Visit West Country Water Park for more information.

Another great Hen Party Activity for you to consider – Surfing in Bristol at The Wave

Our Favourite Parks in Bristol

Family parks in Bristol

Parks in Bristol

We are blessed with many lovely parks and open spaces in Bristol.  If you are looking for free things to do with the kids, visiting a park would be top of the list.  So, here’s a selection of great Parks with great play equipment and areas for families with children of all ages.

Hengrove Pack

Hengrove Park Kids Play Area Bristol

Hengrove park welcomes visitors with a lot of greenery and open spaces that are as refreshing as they are full of activities to enjoy.  The park provides everything from sandpits and climbing frames for children from different age groups.  It also has a café, cinema, bingo hall, and free Wi-Fi for you to avail and enjoy as your children burn off some energy.

Hengrove Park Bristol

Not only that, but some of the most talked-about attractions of the park include a “wheel park” for skateboards, rollerblades, and BMX riders and a part that allows visitors to fly small model aircrafts and drones.  Or you can relax in the wildlife area at the west end, with plenty of grassy areas to have a picnic and watch the world go by.  In short, Hengrove has something for everyone.  It doesn’t have a dedicated carpark, but there is plenty of parking in the surrounding areas.

Hengrove Park, Hengrove Way, Hengrove, Bristol BS14 0HR.  Visit the Website for more information.

St George's Park

Lake at St Georges Park Bristol

Where Hengrove focuses on modern facilities and greenery, St. George’s Park is a very old and historic place that still boasts some of its Victorian architecture at its main entrance. One of the most loved parks by visitors, it is comprised of acres of lush green grass with a beautiful lake in the middle where different kinds of birds have nested. It offers spaces that are natural, pet-friendly, and safe for children to play in.


Pay Area at St Georges Park

Other attractions include a wheel park for skateboards, scooters, and BMX, tennis and golf courts, and a café kiosk with an outdoor seating area. The park also includes a dog-free playground.  There is a massive lake with resident fish and birds, but it does not allow fishing.  The Park doesn’t have a dedicated car park, but there is plenty of nearby parking.

St George’s Park, Church Rd, Whitehall, Bristol BS5 7AA.  Visit the Website for more information.

Oldbury Court Estate (Vassall's Park)

Oldbury Court Park Kids Playground Bristol

One of the most attractive and appealing aspects of the Oldbury Court Estate is that it has multiple enchanting panoramas to offer and is an ideal site for natural photography – such is its beauty and greenery. It includes a highly aesthetic woodland and riverside paths combined with a modern and attractive picnic area and play area. The park offers different activities for children of all ages including a water and sand play with a pirate play ship, swings, a roundabout, seesaw, spinner and slide, nest swing, slide, rock feature with a rope bridge, slingshot, dish spinner, zip wire, and much more. The play area is fenced to make it dog-free.

Free things to do with the kids Oldbury Court Park Bristol

The park also has a lovely café kiosk, a terrace next to the play park, a tea hut, two football pitches, a cricket pitch, a protected area for wildlife, and also some fishing spots in River Frome.  This very popular park has it has it’s own very large car park. Visit the Website for more information.  Oldbury Court Estate, Oldbury Court Road, Fishponds, Bristol, BS16 2JH

This very popular park has it has it’s own very large car park.

Kingsgate Park

Play area and Lake Kingsgate Park Yate Bristol

Kingsgate Park in Yate offers a charming blend of nature and recreation. The park boasts mature trees and expansive grasslands.  Notable features include a sizable Bug Hotel near the Elmwood entrance and a towering totem pole at the children’s playground centre. Fallen trees are repurposed into quirky swings, alongside a variety of play equipment like tunnels, slides, and obstacle courses.

Enclosed by fencing and lush shrubbery, the park also hosts a basketball court and bespoke climbing adventure park. With ample seating, picnic spots, and a picturesque lake home to swans and ducks, Kingsgate Park promises delightful outings for all ages.

We spent the whole afternoon there recently.  Read more Here

Sundridge Park, Yate, Bristol BS37 4EP

Blaise Castle Estate

Free things to do with the kids Blaise Castle Park Bristol

Blaise Castle is another great tourist attraction with a very interesting history. The place showed signs of occupation in the Neolithic era, and the castle was built out of ashlar stone with limestone dressings back in the 18th century. The land has been one of the most popular and famous tourist attractions of Bristol ever since – mentioned in several literary works by famous writers and also praised by many other notable personalities.

Blaise Castle Park Bristol

The parkland around the castle includes a museum, plant nursery, café, play area, multiple walking courses, cricket pitch, picnic spots with benches, grassed spaces for sports, and also a lily pond. You could easily spend the whole day there exploring.  This is such a large park there are two free car parks, one off of Kings Weston Road at BS10 7QS the other smaller car park is of The Dingle at BS9 2PA.  Visit the Website for more information.

Greville Smyth Park

Greville Smyth Park Bristol

The Greville Smyth park is another prominent place to go and relax while allowing your children to indulge in different healthy games and activities. It includes a dog-free play area for children under 12 years of age as well as one for teenagers, three football pitches, a ping-pong table, tennis courts, outdoor exercise stations with great equipment for adults, and also a bowling green.

Free things to do with the kids Greville Smyth Park Bristol

The park boasts a very generous amount of open space and is the perfect place to chill out, relax with friends and family for picnic snacks and a game of frisbee.  Greville Smyth Park, Ashton Road, Ashton, Bristol BS3 2EA.

Visit the Website for more information.

Begbrook Green Park

Begbrook Green Park Bristol

Another one of Bristol’s great attractions, the Begbrook Green Park includes a very engaging play area for children of all ages that is fenced to keep it dog free. The toddler play area is separate with a climbing frame, cargo net, slide, swings, and nest swing. For older children, the park provides a rock-climbing wall with a cargo net. Adults can also indulge in different activities at any of the four outdoor exercise stations and enjoy the equipment provided by the park. There are football pitches, a bowling green, all-weather pitches, and also some changing rooms for the sports pitches included.

Begbrook Green Park, Frenchay Park Road, Bristol, BS16 1JG.  Visit the Website for more information.

If you are looking for Self-Catering Accommodation for your next trip to Bristol, we have the perfect place for families and groups of friends  Check availability for more information HERE

You may also be interested in the following – Great free things to do with the kids  in Bristol

A Walking Tour in Bristol

Bristol Walking Tour

Do you like TV documentaries?  Do you listen to Radio 4?  Do you read non-fiction?  Do you enjoy being told a story?  Then I’m confident an informative walking tour would enhance your Bristol City stay.

A web search is your starting point for any number of walking tours, including “Bristol Highlights” (which is the one we took) and others focusing on “Bristol Merchants and The Slave Trade”, or visiting the sites of local-lad Banksy’s murals.  (You’d heard rumours Banksy was a girl?  Well…on our tour the Guide pointed out his alma mater and assured us many could attest to his identity.)

Banksy Bristol

The cost varies, but, for example, the 2 hour “Bristol Highlights” tour is conducted by a qualified Blue Badge Guide and costs just £6 per person.  Unfortunately, the morning start wasn’t suitable for our group of seven and so I started to explore the possibility of a private, exclusive, tour.  I found a number of commercial tour operators but – frankly – the costs were prohibitive, e.g. £29 per person.  However, I’m glad I persevered because it seems the Blue Badge Guides are self-employed and can be contracted for private tours.  I came to an arrangement with the Blue Badge Guide who had conducted the same “Bristol Highlights” tour that morning for 27(!) “walk-ins” to the Tourist Information Office, to repeat the tour exclusively for us that afternoon at a cost of just £80.

Isambard Brunel

Our Guide – it goes without saying – had the gift of storytelling along with an encyclopaedic knowledge of all the significant dates in Bristol’s history.  (He couldn’t fail to impress someone who submitted an entire History examination paper without once referencing a specific date – or indeed the reigning monarch!)  He touched on ancient history; the growth of the Bristol docks and trading; Bristol’s role in the Slave Trade (no more, and no less, than a number of other cities heavily involved in overseas trading; both here and in Europe); Bristol Cream Sherry; and good ol’ Isambard Brunel and the railways.

Bristol Cathedral

An enthusiastic, knowledgeable and local Guide will not only introduce you to the ‘major’ sites such as Bristol Cathedral – which arguably you might have tripped over unaided – although apparently a lot of people do mistake St Mary Redcliffe Church for Bristol’s cathedral – but point out the less-obvious such as how the whole consists of parts dating back to the 12th century but then the twin towers were completed comparatively recently in 1888 (you can hardly see the joins).

St Mary Recliffe church

We learned there are underground caverns (inaccessible now) where the warehouses once stood and these proved invaluable in protecting the expensive (and highly flammable) goods destined for import/export and provided a USP (unique selling point) for Bristol Docks.  We heard that Cary Grant used to come back to Bristol regularly to visit his Mum.

Cary Grant Bristol

Whilst I’m sure every Guide has a tried and trusted “script”, a knowledgeable Guide will be quite prepared to answer queries or spend more time on a topic in which people show a particular interest and they are always pleased to receive snippets of knowledge from their visitors which, I’m sure, they add to their own collection.  For example our Guide pointed out the Wills Building donated to the University by the tobacco family which employed thousands in the area and I was able to tell him there was also a factory in Swindon where my mother worked in the early ’50s.

Wills Memorial Building Bristol

If you like a story…if you like learning new facts…consider arranging your own exclusive walking tour whilst you are in Bristol, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

A special thanks to Anne Brown-Robins, who wrote this post following a recent stay with us at Bury Hill Farm Bristol.

Other tours you may also be interested in:-

Blackbeard 2 Banksy

The Bristol Food Tour

Bristol Brewery Tours

Bristol Audio Walking Tour

Surfing – Bristol

The Wave Surfing Bristol

The Wave is an inland surf destination that allows people to surf on consistent safe waves all year round, without having to go to the sea.

Every aspect of The Wave has been designed to give the maximum amount of fun for everyone.  Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished surfer this will be the safe place to go.  The ground-breaking technology can create up to an amazing 1,000 quality waves per hour, that’s one every 10 seconds, ranging from 50cm to 2m in height in this massive 180 metres-long surfing lake.

The Wave Surfing Bristol

The Wave will be at a beautiful site in Easter Compton, Bristol and will not only have a wave pool, but it will also include a natural swimming lake, barefoot trails, a rope and tunnels course, foraging areas and gardens of various types including sensory, healing, culinary and herbs gardens.  There will also be a clubhouse serving delicious food and surf shop.  Making it a great space where people can become happier by connecting with water, nature, each other and themselves.

All levels of ability can enjoy this great experience, whether it’s a child getting on a board for the first time or a professional surfer training for the Olympics. Sessions can be booked according to your experience.

The Wave Surfing Bristol

Learn to surf in a supportive environment, with 2-hour sessions.  Everything that you will need is provided – wetsuits, boots and surfboards.  Learn about water safety, surf equipment, body positioning etc and then experience the fantastic rush of surfing along a wave.  The coaches will be with you for the duration.  Prices start from £55 – Adults, £45 – 6 – 16 years.  Lessons for more advanced surfers are also available at these prices.

The Wave Surfing Bristol

Or if you are more experienced they have sessions for intermediate and advanced surfers – just catch some waves with a 1-hour session.  For Prices and more information visit the website.

Spectators are welcome to join you and watch the action. 

If you are interested in the History of The Wave, where the idea came from and how it works, where all the Wave locations are, watch this interesting video.

This is a great asset for Bristol. The Wave is just 6.7 miles away from our Self-Catering Accommodation, Bury Hill Farm Bristol.  If you are visiting and looking for accommodation check out our website www.buryhillfarmbristol.com or check availability

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Bristol Harbour Festival 19th – 21st July 2024

Bristol Harbour Festival

The Bristol Harbour Festival  – Friday 19th July to Sunday 21st July.   Celebrating its 52nd year, this free festival brings over 250,000 people together and is held annually to celebrate the city’s maritime heritage and the importance of Bristol’s docks and harbour.

Most of the activities are free, including live music, street performances, dance acts, interactive theatre, international circus acts, daredevil stunts and a variety of other live entertainments which are held on or near the waterfront of Bristol Harbour.

Bristol Harbour Festival

The outside venues include Queen Square, Lloyds Amphitheatre, Narrow Quay, Merchants, Quay, Hannover Quay, Millennium Square and Cathedral Walk, with seagoing vessels moored nearby. The liveliest part of the festival is quayside and the main attractions are entertainment designed to engage all the communities of Bristol, as well as entertain the thousands of visitors to the city.

Find your way around the Bristol Harbour Festival’s Performance Areas – Downloadable Map  See the program of events further down the page.

Market Locations

Narrow QuayMerchants QuayQueens Square and Hannover Quay

Bristol Harbour Festival Markets

The City has hosted the festival since 1971, when it was started as part of an, ultimately successful, attempt to save the docks from being filled in.  In 2012, the festival attracted over 200,000 visitors, its highest ever attendance at that time, with the Irene and the Matthew being two of the tall ships in attendance that year.

Bristol Harbour Festival

The festival is held every year in July over a weekend and many of the bar and restaurants put on extra entertainment to keep visitors happy during the late evenings. In 2018 visitors were be able to watch for the first time, the Power8 rowing sprints battle it out on the water, as teams from eight cities compete to be the best.

The highlight of this year’s festival will be the arrival of three very special tall ships – The Etoile Molence, Irene and Iris.  Also Power8 Sprints will also be headlining with their 350 metre, high octane rowing action on the water.

Bristol Harbour Festival

More than 250 boats of varying shapes and sizes will be tied up at every available mooring along a four-mile stretch of the Harbourside, with familiar sights such as the SS Great Britain and the Matthew all set to appear.

Bristol Harbour Festival

There’s so much entertainment to keep you engaged, including music at the huge outdoor concert area “the Lloyds Amphitheatre”, top quality circus and street theatre acts from Circus Bijou.  Western Boat Show, showcasing all kinds of sailing boats and power boats, rowing competitions, general fun and games in the water, dedicated family areas, plus the Continental Food Market at Queens Square, a fantastic line-up from across France, Italy, Spain and Germany providing olives, cheese, crepes and more, an experience for the taste buds together with traditional gifts and crafts and lots of Harbourside fun for everyone.

Bristol Harbour Festival

Travel – Head for the City Centre, follow signs for Harbour Festival.  Further travel info Here.


There is plenty of parking and it is advised to arrive early to get as close as possible to the available Harbourside Parking.  You will also find parking within a short walking distance of the Harbour at the following places –

St Mary Redcliffe Car Park, NCP – Redcliffe Parade, NCP – Queens Charlotte Street, Trenchard Street Car Park, The Gallery Car Park, Nelson Street Car Park, College Street Car Park, Mardyke Wharf Car Park, Oldfield Place Car Park

** Previous **Program of Events **Update Pending**

Saturday 20th July

Music – Amphitheatre – Music Stage

12.45 pm             Bristol Community Big Band

2.00 pm               The Hucklebuck – Blues Music

3.15 pm               Camo Clave – Cumbia Music

4.30 pm               Phantom Ensemble

5.45 pm               Matuki  – Afrobeat, reggae fusion

7.15 pm               Doreen Doreen – Marsh up Band

8.45 pm               Rod Smith RSD

Music – Brunel Stage at SS Great Britain

11.00 am             Framptoon Shantymen – All Male Choir

12.00 pm             Samba – Reggae drumming band

1.00 pm               Ceili – Traditional Irish/Celtic acoustic music

2.00 pm               Gentle Hooligans – Rock ‘n ‘ roll fusion

3.00 pm               JI & The Rainbirds – Up beat feel-good folk

4.00 pm               Eden Root’s Reggae Band – Red hot Reggae

5.00 pm               The Bare Souls – Rock, blues, soul and funk fusion band

Music – Centre Stage at Cascade Steps

12.00 pm            The Great Sea Choir

12.50 pm            Rosina Keri – passionate dreamy pop

1.40 pm               The Harrisons – Blues, country and americana band

2.30 pm               Barnacle Buoys – Acapella sea shanty singers

3.25 pm               Julu Irvine & Heg Brignall – Folk duo

4.20 pm               Mireille Mathlener – Vocalist

5.15 pm               Laimu – Sultry vocals

Music – Dockside Stage at the Grove

2.00 pm               Punk Rock Aerobics

3.00 pm               Richard the Fourth – Neo soul and slow funk

3.30 pm               Hush Mozey – Miz of spa, punk and garage

4.30 pm               The Rupees – Hi energy rock band

5.30 pm               Sam Brockington – Fantastic vocal talented singer

6.30 pm               Farebrother – Indie rock quartet

7.30 pm               Joe Probert – Super cool soul

8.30 pm               Katy J Pearson – Catchy melodies

Dance and Entertainment at Millenium Square

11.45 am             Bollyred Dance Company

12.15 pm            Urban Cookie: Dance Zumba Gold

1.20 pm               Performance from Gerry’s Attic Dance Company

1.55 pm               Making Tracks Youth Music

2.55 pm               2 O’clock Beauty Queens

3.15 pm               Dance Extreme BS13/Storm

3.25 pm               Bristol Salsa Ladies Styling Team

3.30 pm               Subline Dance Troupe

3.40 pm               Rise Youth Dance

5.00 pm               Hype Dance

5.20 pm               Swing Dance Bristol and Swing Riot

Entertainment, Family Fun Activities, Music and Food at The Circus Playground – Queens Square

Continental Market Food – a selection of everything you will expect will be on offer

Bubbline – Fun with bubbles

A.P.E Project CIC – Mobile Adventure Playground

Sounds Right Phonics Bristol – Music, games, movement, bubbles and poms poms for little ones

Marky Jay – Compere & Street Theatre – Jokes, Juggling and puppets

Avon Valley Wildlife Park – Interact and discover more about small animals

Bristol Taiko – Traditional Japanese Drumming

Bocadcalupa Arts – Bee Garden

Avon Valley Wildlife Trust

Baby Racing

Cirocomedia – Youth Circus Showcase and Workshops

Giddy Kipper – Sloth Time

Tiny Little Clouds Theatre – How to Build a rainbow

Don’t Drop The Beat – Live Drumming and Juggling

Above & Beyond – Mini Flying Trapeze Rig

Dragonbird Theatre – Pyjama Island

Angie Mack – The Super Hooper Jula Hooping Street Show

Korri Aulakh – World Class Aerialist performances

Rob Lewis – Cello

Kat Lyons Storytelling and Spoken Word

King Edmunds Acrobatic Club

Angie Mack – Have a go Hula Hoop Workshops

Cathedral Walk – Spoken Word, Music and Performances

11.30 am             Poetry Machine – Performance

12.00 pm            South West Showcase – Performance

1.00 pm               Yoniverse Takeover – Performance

2.00 pm               Guest Artist – Joelle Taylor – Performance

2.30 pm               Poetry Machine – Performance, Family

2.50 pm               South West Showcash – Performance, Family

4.30 pm               Guest Artists – Rebecca Tantony and Dominie Hooper – Performance & Music

On the water Themes Maritime & Sports

10.00 am             Family Maritime Trail – Complete the trail for a chance to win a boat kit

12.00 pm             Young Shipwrights Boat Race – Cardboard boat race

12.45 pm             The Aircraft Carrier Challenge

1.15 pm               Bristol Cardboard Boat Race – A 250 metre cardboard boat race

2.30 pm               Newfound Friends – Dogs shows us their lifesaving skills

3.50pm                Jet Ski Stunts

Bristol Harbour Festival – Sunday 20th July

Music – Amphitheatre – Music Stage

12.00 pm             Tan Teddy – Sharing Jamaican culture through song

1.10 pm               Nuala Honan – Folk music from Bristol based Australian singer-songwriter

2:20 pm               Amdodu Diagne & Yakar – Modern blues and funk

3:30 pm               Dizaeli – Jazz-tinged band

5:00 pm               Sheelanaig – Balkan swing, celtic music

Brunels Stage at SS Great Britain

11.00 am             South Wales Clarinet Choir

12.00 pm            North Somerset Samba – Reggae drumming band

1.00 pm               Bee Bakare – Soulful pop

2.00 pm               Zyla – Soul-infused funk

3.00 pm               Sol Feo – Rock, funk, grunge, metal and folk bended band

4.00 pm               Baraka – Afro beat dance band

Centre Stage at Cascade Steps

12.00 pm            Storm Force 10 – Shanty band

12.50 pm            Jodie Mellor – Singer

1.40 pm               Bristol Sea Slugs – Shanty, folk band

2.30 pm               Charlie Limm – Vocalist

3.25 pm               Jazz the Two of us – Jazz classics with a twist

4.20 pm               Maaike Siegerist – Swinging jazz and dark folk

5.15 pm               Sounds of Harlowe – Grunge soul collective

Dockside Stage at the Grove

1.00 pm               Gabriel Templar – Indie pop

2.00 pm               Luke Marshall Black – Vocalist

4.00 pm               RVBY – Quirky pop

5.00 pm               Agata – Vocalist

6.00 pm               Imprints – Gypsy, pirate, folk-rock band

Millennium Square – Bristol Dances

11.00 am             Diddi Dance

11.45 am             Dancin Tots

12.20 pm             Afon Sistema – Brazilian Dance in Bristol

1.10 pm               Mumtaz Dance Company – Bollywood Dance

1.25 pm               Original Spinners – Dance, Performance

1.40 pm               Untold Dance Theatre – Dance

2.00 pm               Cabaret and Drag Dance Show

3.10 pm               Funk Supreme

3.20 pm               Piloexcersize – Dance

4.20 pm               The Hills School of Irish Dance Performance and Workshop

5.00 pm               Celidh Dance with Mr Medler – Dance

Cathedral Walk – Spoken Word, Music and Performances

11.30 am             Poetry Machine – Performance

12.00 pm             South West Showcase – Performance & Music

1.00 pm               Guest Artist – Dizraeli – Performance & Music

1.30 pm               Poetry Machine – Family Performance

2.00 pm               The Urban Word Collective Takeover – Performance

3.00 pm               Guest Artist – Deanna Rodger – Performance

3.30 pm               Bath Spa University Poetry Showcase – Performance

3.45pm                South West Showcase – Performance

4.30 pm               Guest Artist – Toby Thomson – Family Performance

On the water Themes Maritime & Sports

10.00 am             Family Maritime Trail – Complete the trail for a chance to win a boat kit

12.00 pm             Young Shipwrights Boat Race – Cardboard boat race

2.30 pm               Newfound Friends – Dogs shows us their lifesaving skills

The Circus Playground – Queens Square

Entertainment, fun for the family, food and Music all day from – 11.00 am – 4.00 pm.

Avon Wildlife Trust, Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park, Bubblina – Family entertainment with bubbles, Sound right phonics Bristol, Circomedia – Circus Workshops – Great Family Fun, Traditional Japanese Drumming, A.P.E Project CIC – Mobile Adventure Playground, Marky Jay – Street Theatre, Bocadalupa Arts – Bee Garden and much more.

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St Nicholas Indoor Quirky Market

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Weekend Away Bristol

Summer Festival for Dogs – DogFest – Bristol

Bristol Dogfest Ashton Court 2019

Dogfest Bristol is an action-packed weekend in the amazing grounds of Ashton Court Estate, surrounded by thousands of gorgeous dogs.  This event is for the whole family to enjoy where you can treat your four-legged friend to the best day out ever!

Dogfest Noel Fitzpatrick Bristol

The event is hosted by legendary Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick, it all began back in 2013 originally a one day get together in Surrey.  Noel wanted to create something where everyone who loves dogs could be amongst like-minded people.  Over the years, Dogfest has grown in leaps and bounds to now become an amazing weekend for people across the country to enjoy.  It now has annual events in Bristol at Ashton Court, Herefordshire at Knebworth House and Cheshire at Tatton Park.

What to expect

This exciting festival has something for all dog lovers including amazing and daring action performances, dog dancing and agility displays, expert advice about caring for your pooch, shopping, music, food and so much more.

You can take part in many activities watching your dog doing something that they haven’t had the opportunity to do before.  Some activities have a small extra charge.

Hay Bale Racing – Watch as your dog leaps over a series of hay bales all the way to the finish line.  This is a friendly, not serious, competition dogs will be timed, with prizes being awarded for the fastest time of the day.  There are even extra treats given for the funniest runs too.

Flyball – A team of will guide you and your dog as they leap over hurdles, towards a box that releases a tennis a for your dog to catch as they land on a spring-loaded pad.

Dog Agility Dog Fest Bristol

Agility – Run by the Guild of Dog Trainers, a team of experienced dog handlers who will help novices to learn how to approach the obstacles correctly and safely.  Obstacles include jumps, A-frames, pole weaving and tunnels.

Obedience Challenge – Challenge your dog training skills to see if your dog will respond to your commands whilst completing a timed course.  On command your dog will be expected to be able to sit, stand, lie down, high five/paw, stay and come.  Prizes are given for the most obedient dogs and the fastest round.

Dog Diving Dogfest Bristol

Dog Diving -The most popular have-a-go activity and such a great activity to watch.  Dogs jumping into a big pool of water, having a splash and a swim.  Places are first come, first served, you won’t want to miss this one!

Temptation Alley – Dogs are enticed by treats and toys as they head down the course.  The aim of the game is for them to resist the temptation and get to the finish line without stopping or eating the goodies on offer along the way.  Would your dog be able to resist?

The Activity Arena

One of the most popular attractions at the show, the Activity Arena is jam-packed with exciting displays and demonstrations.  Look out for sports with dogs, Flyball which is fast and furious and the dogs absolutely love it.  Also there is the fantastic show from ShadowQuest Display Team, whose highly trained dogs abseil from a 30ft tower and zip wire across the arena.  Another amazing display is from Conquest-K9 featuring non-stop action with agility, 6ft high jumps, fire hoop jumps and criminal work.

Dog Show Dogfest Bristol

Fun Dog Show – Of course, the festival has to, have a dog show.  A chance to show off your special pooch to the audience.  Open to everyone, each day enter a class in one of the four Fun Dog Show Rings.  Winners of each class go through to a category final and winners of their category will then go through to the overall “Best in Show” held at the end of the day. Advanced entries are advised. 

Previous classes have included these fun categories ranging from Loveliest Lady – Best Female Dog – 1yr +, Most Fabulous Fella – Best Male Dog – 1 yr +, Cool Pup – 6 months to 1 yr, Best Rescue Dog, Golden Oldie (Best Dog Over 10 years), Dog with the Waggiest Tail, Dogs Got Talent and many more. 

Puppy Paddling Dogfest Bristol

Puppy Zone – Specially created to give you advice and a chance to learn more about the new member of your family – Organised by Puppy School the UK leading network of well-trained and professional puppy trainers.   Advice and techniques for training, play, discover, chill and learning.

Dog walking Ashton Court Bristol

Walkies – The Great Dog Walk.  Twice a day at 11am and 3pm join thousands of others on a 2km or 4km walk around the glorious grounds of Ashton Court Estate with your four legged friends.  Led each day by Noel Fitpatrick and Clare Balding.

Kid’s Area – A place for your children to enjoy themselves and burn off some steam.  Have fun and play games and enjoy the new obstacle course for children under 14.

This festival focuses on bringing together a community of dog lovers from across the country, to celebrate and rejoice in the bond shared between dogs and people.  Take a picnic and enjoy the whole day in the glorious grounds of Ashton Court Estate.

 Book your tickets.

Address – Ashton Court, Long Ashton, Bristol  BS41 9JN

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North Somerset Show Bristol – May Bank Holiday

North Somerset Show Bristol Bank Holiday

I enjoyed a fabulous day out on Bank Holiday Monday 6th May, at The North Somerset Agricultural Show at Bathing Ponds Fields in Wraxall, Bristol.  It was an early start as I wanted to watch the cattle showing and take lots of photos as this, for me, is the star of the whole show and my family were showing our Jersey and Hereford cattle.  It was a very successful day (although tiring for the team) with great results  – 4-second places, 3-first places and Reserve Champion, what a great way to start the year, at the first show of the season.

North Somerset Show Bristol Bank Holiday

The Show is on the first Bank Holiday Monday in May and is run by The North Somerset Agricultural Society, formed out of the North Somerset Ploughing Society in 1840 by a small group of farmers.  Its sole purpose was to further agricultural development by communicating agricultural issues and providing a showpiece to the general public.

This popular event attracts over 20,000 people and showcases local agriculture, food and farming as well as country crafts and pursuits.  Show stoppers are tractor pulling, livestock showing and horse show jumping.

North Somerset Show Bristol Bank Holiday

North Somerset Show is massive, with so many sporting activities to partake in or to watch.  I think my favourite (after the livestock) was the dog agility competitions, they had 3 rings for different levels of difficulty.  It’s super competitive and the dogs absolutely love it, with some of them barking around the whole course.

You can easily spend a whole day here and be constantly entertained, there are displays and competitions going on all at the same time in different areas of the show.  I wandered for hours and enjoyed every single minute of shopping at the trade stands.  They have all your country needs, including clothing and gifts, crafts, art, photography, pet supplies etc.  A vast array of food stalls inside and out.  All of this is amongst the different arena displays showcasing, sheep shearing, falconry, motor bike displays, strongest man event, Vintage Tractor displays, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Archery, Air Rifle Shooting, Blacksmith Competitions, pony games, motorbike displays, the list just goes on and on.

North Somerset Show Bristol Bank Holiday

A Great day out – put the date in your diary for next year!

Address – Bathing Pond Fields, Bristol Road, Wraxall, BS48 1NF – Website and useful Information  

Gates open to the public at 9.am and close at 5pm – Car parking is free.  Dogs are welcome.

Independent Review – May 2019

North Somerset Show Bristol, the first of the new season green field experiences this local family friendly show is the perfect size to get around in a day, see old faces, learn new ideas, inspire the next generation and generally appreciate how lucky we all are to live locally in the beautiful farmer-friendly county of Somerset … whether you like tractors, animals, games, sports, shopping, eating, drinking, chatting, bartering … watching or doing it you can pretty much do all of this with the whole family in tow !

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