Booking Terms and Conditions


A maximum of (as stated in enquiry) persons will occupy the cottage.  If there are changes, we need to be notified immediately.  If the numbers increase above 12 (including children),  there are further fees to pay.  The maximum occupancy (including children) is 14.  You can not invite further groups to stay at the house, although if adviced we will allow a maximum of 2 visitors (not to stay overnight).  Failure to advice in advance will result in the cancellation of your booking.

For 7 night bookings the arrival time is from 3pm and the departure time is 10am.

For Weekend bookings the arrival time is from 3pm and the departure time is 12pm.

The balance must be paid a minimum of 8 weeks before the beginning of the holiday.

The security deposit is due 2 weeks before arrival.

The refundable security deposit will be refunded within 2 days as long as no damage has been caused.

The house will be kept in good order and will be left neat and tidy, with ALL cooking equipment used (pots, pans, mugs, knives/fork, plates etc) cleaned thoroughly before departure.  – It is ok to leave before the dishwasher has finished.

There will be a charge for extra cleaning.  The charges are £25 per extra hour. 

Smoking inside is strictly prohibited. Apart from the obvious fire risk, the smell is almost impossible to eradicate and requires rooms to be redecorated and carpets being treated.  We would use 100% of the security deposit to cover the costs of redecoration.  Only smoke in the smoking area, outside bins are provided for extinguishing cigarettes.

Shoes are not to be worn on carpets.  Carpet cleaning are charged at £40 per room.

Towels are only provided for 7 nights stays.

We do not accept responsibility of damage to your property, you are responsible for the house, its contents and your property. 

Wifi is provided for the guest’s reasonable use.  The guest agrees to reasonable and lawful usage of this service.

We do not allow the use of Chinese Lanterns under any circumstances

If you are hiring a hot tub we have to charge £35 for weekends/ £45 for up to 7 nights for taking delivery, filling, use of water (we have a meter) use of electric for heating  and allowing access for collection.

You need to let us know if you are bringing a paddling pool of a larger size as there will be a charge for water usage and / or any heating costs. 

You are responsible for your children, please supervise them at all times.  Please consider the danger of leaving windows open with young children in the house.  Crayons and pens often will not come out of curtains and cushion covers, we consider this as damage and have to charge for replacements.

The rates shown are in pounds sterling, we expect the full rate to be paid.

We strongly recommend you get holiday insurance, for unforeseen circumstances, once booked the dates are no longer available on the website.

We do not accept bookings via agents or bookings on another’s behalf, we reserve the right to cancel the bookings if this is found to be the case.

Pets are only allowed by arrangement and only when the fee has been paid, a maximum of 2 are allowed.  There are strict rules and conditions, Terms need to be signed.  Unpaid for pets will be refused entry.

Booking Terms and Conditions
The Contract for a short-term holiday rental will be between the Clare Cambridge T/A Bury Hill Farm Holiday Let (referred to as “Bury Hill Farm or us or we”) and the person making the booking, the lead booker (referred to as customer or you or your) in the following booking conditions. UK Law will govern the contract. The contract of hire is not effective until we have received the deposit. The contract will be subject to these booking conditions and must be complied with. These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.
The party leader must be at least 18 years of age at the time of booking. 2 weeks prior to arrival we will require full names, ages and postcodes of all guests.


2.1 Once your booking has been accepted, you have 24 hours to pay a deposit of £250 to secure your booking. A booking is not secure until this has been received and would still be available to be booked by another party.  The deposit forms part of the payment for your stay and is only refund as detailed within our cancellation policy.

2.2 Upon receipt of the deposit, we will confirm by email that your booking is secure and send out information for when the balance is due.

2.3 The balance will be due 56 days (8 weeks) before the start of your stay.

2.4 Full payment is due at the time of booking, if your booking is made within 56 days of the start of your stay.

It is your responsibility to acquire suitable travel insurance to cover your holiday, including Cancellation and Curtailment Protection Insurance. We strongly recommend that you take out suitable insurance which will cover you for possible cancellation of your UK holiday. There are several suitable options which include cover for COVID-related cancellation such as or you can look for suitable cover on comparison sites such as – We are not selling, promoting, endorsing or recommending any particular product, and do not benefit financially or have any formal relationship with any of these providers.


3.1 If your booking has to be cancelled because Bury Hill Farm has to close through Force Majeure, meaning any of the following circumstances which may hinder or prevent the performance by us of the contract, including but not limited to: (a) acts of God, flood, drought, earthquake or other natural disaster; (b) epidemic or pandemic; (c) terrorist attack, civil war, civil commotion or riots, war, threat of or preparation for war, armed conflict, imposition of sanctions, embargo, or breaking off of diplomatic relations; (d) nuclear, chemical or biological contamination or sonic boom; (e) any law or any action taken by a government or public authority, including without limitation imposing a restriction, prohibition, or failing to grant a necessary licence or consent; (f) collapse of buildings, fire, explosion or accident; (g) failure of utility service, and the period of closure covers your booking – YOU WILL BE REFUNDED IN FULL.

3.2 We acknowledge that COVID related local lockdowns are circumstances beyond our or your control. We have therefore agreed to share the risk of you not being able to travel for these very specific local lockdown circumstances.

3.3 If your booking has to be cancelled because Bury Hill Farm is under Government Restrictions and has to close and the period of closure covers your booking – YOU WILL BE REFUNDED IN FULL.

3.4 If you are unable to travel because travel outside of the area where you (the booking lead) live is not permitted, (due to a tier change and if that change is due to remain for the period of your stay) then you may cancel your booking by providing proof by written notice to us via email. YOU WILL BE REFUNDED IN FULL.

3.4a But if there is a tier change to then enable you to travel outside of your area, which allows you to travel for the purpose of your stay, your booking would be reinstated as long as Bury Hill Farm has not been re-let. If you do not wish to have your stay reinstated, then the cancellation and any refund shall be dealt with in accordance with Clause 4.4

3.5 Your inability (or the inability of any, some or all of your intended occupants) to travel to and stay at Bury Hill Farm for any reason (including but not limited to, COVID, illness, requirement or recommendation to self-isolate or quarantine) remains at your risk and does not give rise to a right to cancel or to receive a refund.

3.6 If you are unable (of any or some of your intended party) or disinclined to travel to and stay at Bury Hill Farm for any reason. This includes – but is not limited to – illness (including Covid), a requirement or recommendation to self-isolate or quarantine, a call to jury duty, incarceration, change in personal or work circumstances, cancellation of an event, family emergencies, travel delays, vehicle breakdown, and delays with public transport. These remain at your risk and do not give rise to a right to cancel or to receive a refund unless we re-let the property, other than according to the sliding scale below. You are strongly recommended to take out UK travel insurance to cover these eventualities. If you choose not to take out UK travel insurance then you accept responsibility for any loss that you may incur due to your cancellation.

3.7 If a member of your party has to cancel, this has no effect on the cost of your booking.

3.8 If you cut you stay short you are not entitled to a partial refund.

3.9 Cancellations must be notified to Bury Hill Farm by email and once received in writing we will confirm the cancellation request. It is important to notify us as soon as possible to give us chance to re-let the house.


4.1 All refunds will be subject to deduction of a non-refundable administration fee of £65 to cover our costs and third-party costs related to the cancellation and marketing (these costs include our admin costs, re-marketing costs, bank fees, accounting fees and agency fees or commission payments).

4.2 If we manage to re-let Bury Hill Farm for the dates of your stay, we will refund the rebooking value less the £65 administration fee. The re-let value may be less than the value of your booking, dependant on how close this is to the arrival date.

4.3 We will apply the scale shown in the table below to bookings to determine the amount of the refund, which shall be a percentage of the total cost of the holiday.

4.4 Refunds more the 56 days (8 weeks) before arrival will be made within 7 days of cancellation. Refunds for cancellations made less than 8 weeks before arrival will be made, 2 days after the original stay date to accommodate the re-let price. We cannot refund prior to the stay date in case the re-let does not materialise.

Cancellation Scehedule

No. of days before arrival

House not rebooked

We will refund to you

House rebooked

We will refund to you

< 56 days

Deposit less £65

Deposit less £65

56 – 42

75% cost of stay

Rebooking Value less £65

41- 35

60% cost of stay

Rebooking Value less £65

34 – 28

55% cost of stay

Rebooking Value less £65

27 – 15

45% cost of stay

Rebooking Value less £65

14 – 7

30% cost of stay

Rebooking Value less £65

6  – 0

15% cost of stay

Rebooking Value less £65

All refunds will be subject to deduction of a non-refundable administration fee of £65